Testimonials- Hypnosis/Healing


Saleem Rana,USA  Internet Marketeer: saleemrana.com

“Mo Zaic is a genuine human being, with a heart as big as a mountain. As a healer, he is perhaps one of the best I have ever come across. I’m looking forward to seeing his website when it is fully developed. The level of his healing skills and knowledge is bound to bless many when the word gets out.”

Morry Zelcovitch

“I just wanted to send you a note to let you know of something entirely wonderful that I know came as a direct result of your healing energies that you so kindly directed to me late in 2009.To remind you of my situation… I have suffered with horrible congestion for the last 30 years. In January of 2009 it suddenly took a major turn for the worse and I was not able to breathe through my left nostril at all, or my right nostril about 80% of the time.

When I lay down to rest or sleep I could not breathe through my nose at all and had to learn how sleep while breathing through my mouth. Fortunately I was able to do so without snoring or suffering from sleep apnea, however I’m sure you can imagine the incredible discomfort that I had to deal with that last year (not to mention for the last 30 years before that:).

If it was not for my meditations I would certainly have gone crazy:)

Additionally, I was a regular user of nasal spray as it was the only thing that actually made a difference for me (even though the relief usually only lasted 30 minutes or so, and NOT AT ALL SINCE JANUARY OF 2009).

Then you came along and graciously offered to help.

We had a few sessions and I really did not notice any changes at the time, with the exception of when you were actually sending the energy my way… That I felt clearly. Hindsight, they say is 20/20… Upon looking back at my situation I now see that much did occur…

Within a week I went into a walk-in clinic near my home (I never do that, preferring to wait for an appointment with my regular doctor who knows me well) and saw a doctor there I had never seen before.She told me she could give me a special spray that could help repair the damage in my nasal cavity but that I would have to completely stop using the nasal spray I was using.

Now, I have been told this before by other doctors, but what was different this time was that I actually listened to her and stopped using the spray… COLD TURKEY… The next week was complete hell, but I stuck it out and since then I don’t remember breathing this well… EVER!.

I guess I expected something more obvious or miraculous, which explains why I did not make the connection earlier. But rest assured the connection has been made now and I’m grateful to you for giving me what I needed to get better.

Your energy in a very subtle, yet powerful way literally smartened me up and lead me
to the right person and gave me the strength to do what was needed to be done.I thank you with every breath I take.”


P.S. : You also sent energy to a relative of mine who was suffering a long term cold with no end in sight… They got worse after your help and even asked me to stop you… 2 days later they was fine… Totally healthy… I guess your energy knows when to be subtle (as it was with me) and dramatic (as it was with my relative:)

Morry Zelovitch

Certified Brainwave Entrainment Engineer

Quantum Mind Power (with TMM)






My name is Alfred Zimmermann, I had a severe infection in my bone (staphylococci bacteria)  in february 2008. My doctor discovered this infection, and I went through  7 operations without success. I was hospitalized for 2 months, and recieved antibiotics for the following 10 months, and nothing changed.

Then I contacted a specialist in this area,who told me, we have to make another surgery, and if it doesn`t  help then, we have to remove some bones to get rid of the bacteria.I was really depressed, because I did not see any progress, at this point my wife contacted Mo Zaic and they made contact via  skype, and he did  a healing session for about half hour.I did not believe that anything could help, but because of my wife, I agreed. I went for surgery 2 weeks later, the first result was terrible. My doctor told me in my bone there was  an active zoo of bacteria. They did not know what to do.One week later, the result was perfect, no more bacteria! ” my doctor could not believe what he has seen,” but  was very glad that I  was now on the road to recovery, he was jumping (really jumping)  calling all the nurses to see this wonder!Now, one year later, my bone is healed, no problems, no pain, I can just say,” it is a miracle!

“Thank you,Mo!      Alfred Zimmermann , Switzerland : http://ubieeseopro.net/blog/biba

Larry Joseph

” I recently connected with Mo through Skype in August 2010. I mentioned my current financial issues, fears; it was stressing me quiet a lot, so, he kindly suggested an NLP exercise to help me with my problem.

We did a one to one session using a combined Energetic Hypnosis/NLP process via Skype using the video feature. This session has really helped me.. I feel much’ better’ now and whenever I feel like doing the “anchor” (in my case it´s rubbing my hands) I feel like I´m releasing more accumulated stress.

Later he showed me an exercise which I use regularly,and, I was able to

sell my house which I was trying to do for quite sometime now; call it coincidence, synchronicity, but thats what happened for me which I´m very grateful. Thanks, Mo.”

Cali,Columbia (musician, drummer and percussionist)

 Rehana mehmood

“I didn’t know anything about over phone hypnosis when I first spoke with Mo. His technique proved to me that it is a very natural and a powerful tool. There was no mystery in the process of relaxation and trance work. I remember every step. The process changed my attitude to thinking positively and spiritually about almost everything. The lasting effect on my thinking and behaviour is ongoing and energizing! Mo Zaic’s method is gentle and affirming, a mark of a gifted therapist.

( United Kingdom Blackburn)

“The mind is all powerful and he definitely has a way of tapping into it. Looking forward to a future session! Give this a try….it works!

Real J-Menace -(Producer/Artist United States)

“I experienced hypnosis via phone for the first time : initially reluctant and apprehensive about participating because I had such a busy day: I was informed it would actually be more beneficial in this mode: I listened followed instructions and can honestly report it was a pleasant and positive experience as I let my body and soul drift into relaxation. .something I do not normally find easy to do.
It reinforced positive attitude and left me with a task to complete everyday which would further reinforce my experience and an action which I can positively identify as a connection to my experience. .
Ok I have a hiatus hernia so my stomach was knotted up before the experience. .it really helped relax this part of my body which was quite powerful and I felt tension release from a heavy head..”

( Jazz – Human Resources Management Expert UK Manchester)


I found it to be very relaxing to the point I fell asleep ,and woke up when asked to do so.
Since then I am able to handle and look at things with a different light.
A better approach.
Great improvement to my inner self and approach to difficult issues.
Highly recommend anyone with such issues or just want to experience this hypnosis

Thank you so much.

From HY From United Kingdom.

Today I had 20 minutes hypnosis testimonial session of Health, Wealth and Relationship.
Before starting the hypnosis session on phone, I was in bed with high temperature, suffering from sore throat, pounding headache & was finding difficult to breath. Feeling depressed and stressed.
Immediate result happened after the hypnosis session. I would say that it was most amazing experience I have.. It’s unbelievable that how easily I felt relaxed and up lifted . Believe me i am smiling while writing this.
Health wise I felt immediate result. My headache gone, temperature gone , breathing has improved. Above all I am feeling as light as feather. Now getting ready to go out and chill with my friends.
Just waiting to get hands on wealth ….lol
I will recommend Hypnosis session of Health, Wealth and Relationship to all.

Please contact Mo Zaic Manchester for further details.”

Pamila Malik- Media Host-Speaker- Humanitarian Activist-Poet

“My name is Sammaia Sharif and I have been suffering with various illnesses to the point where I had to leave work behind and became bed bound.

Doctors had no answers and had no clue what to do with me. Mo Zaic was like God sent help.

I have had two sessions by him so far and I see huge changes not only towards my health but also all other aspects of life too.

I see things alot clearer then ever before. I must recommend him to whoever is struggling with health wealth and relationship issues.

Sammaia Sharif – Freelance Visual Media Creative- London united Kingdom)

Thank you to Mo who gave me a 20 minute session yesterday night. I was so relaxed that I fell asleep. I feel more motivated and positive since I have woken up this morning. Thank you so much.

( Normi Rose Khwaja – Life Coach , Mentoring At Princes Trust- Birmingham Uk)

I had a hypnotherapy session with Mo and it was very effective. His voice is his biggest strength. In the session I felt the heavy energy release from my body, which helped me to feel lighter instantaneously. Loved his service attitude towards humanity. I think he is about to embark on a big journey towards greatness. Good wishes…

( Preet Dev Business Developer, Public Speaker, Coach)

I had a session over the phone it was very relaxing and cleared my mind. I feel lighter and the aches of the day drifted away. I felt warmth and my mind feels clear and refreshed.

My mind just felt ordered and I slept so well. The word dissolving which you repeated made me visualize things in my mind disappearing. I Just felt calm, I feel overwhelming happiness thankyou.

Kay Virdee Business Account Manager London UK

I had a 20 min hypnosis session with Mo over the phone. Aside from relaxing it was a transformative event and I came out on the other side with a sense of renewal and liberation from old self limiting patterns. I’m looking forward to the new synchronistic events unfolding as a result. My perspective on life is more positive as a result.

Bav Heer ,Pharmacist, nutritional therapist

” Hi Mo.  I checked the time when you started the healing session for me, and I can tell you I have been feeling spiritually and mentally fantastic since that time. For some reason before you started this healing a few days ago, I had noticed a negative energy around me. I thought it was because of a number of negative situations at my work, but am not sure of the source of it. It feels now like a heavy weight has been removed from me.   I’ve noticed a much lighter sense of peace and a knowing, and I am very focused on my personal mission of developing my own business to serve others. I feel very clean, very clear and I am sure this is due to your healing.  It’s wonderful!   Thank you Mo

(Mark Edward Duin : International recognized author,Career Success Coach & Business Leader- www.careersuccesstraining.com)

” I have been a Crohn’s sufferer for the past 10 years and have periods of really bad flare ups where I am left debilitated unable to perform basic daily tasks without great effort. My last flare up was back in October 2010 and I lost a considerable amount of weight and was unable to keep any food or drink down and had severe abdominal  and upper stomach pain, this was just another episode for me to deal with by this time I have got used to them. My usuall treatment would be to take high dose of steroids (predinisolone), which helps to relieve pain and symptoms for short term. At this time I had a endoscopy done, MRI scan and various blood tests. I saw my specialist in October after these test and he gave me the dreaded news that my Crohn’s had now spreaded to the upper gullet where as before it was always the small colon. He explained to me it was more difficult to treat when it has reached here and,  that the results from my colonoscopy and biopsys had confirmed active aggressive chron’s. My specialist decided the only way forward was to start me on TNF treatment which meant I would be injecting myself every two weeks. I was to be sent an appointment in the post for training to inject my self, but before this he was going to carry out another colonoscopy and further blood test.
On talking to my sister about my situation she mentioned that she had a very difficult personal problem and that she was introduced to Mo Zaic who then started working on her and she immediately felt the benefits, she asked me to give it a go as I could not get any worse. After much hesitation when I was at my worse I contacted Mo in the second week of November 2010.
After a  few conversations Mo began to work on me. His first two treatments where as he described light weight, and I felt nothing much. After further contact with Mo Zaic, I mentioned that I felt no real difference although my vomiting and pains had subsided to which he replied he was going to do the full impact treatment that evening. It was just before Christmas 2010 and after he had done what he had to Mo gave me a call and asked how I felt to which I replied fine nothing unusaul. That evening  went to be bed at ten o’clock,  half hour after he had finishing doing his thing. At about ten thirty I had a very strange feeling, my daughter was sleeping with me as she often does in case I need anything. I told her I was feeling very strange and that I had this weird pulling sensation as in all my insides where being pulled downwards and it felt like a gravitational pull, and then the most strangest thing happened that freaked me out,  a tennis ball shape popped up in my lower abdominal area it felt hard and protruding, got my daughter to feel it who by this time was feeling very worried . I put the lamp on and I can only describe it as a weird event and sensation. After ten minutes this all settled and I fell a sleep. Woke up in the morning feeling really good and more energetic. I immediately contacted Mo zaic and told him of my expereince and he reassured me everything was fine and that different people experience different feeling and sensations and that this was also felt by my sister,  so he was confident that his treatment had started to take effect and, that slowly I would feel the benefits and true to his words I did. I felt this positive energy that I had not felt for a long time….

I had a follow up scan and MRI scans and blood tests in Januaury 2011.
And then had a review appointment on 24.2.11  where i was expecting to start hard core treatment as previously advised due to results in October 2010, but when I saw my specialist I got the most amazing news that there was NO Active Chron’s and that he could not explain why I still had some symptoms and why in such a short space of time of two mri scans and biopsys the results differed considerably, taking into account I had not taking much medication other than a week or two of steroids. He was left baffled as what course of treatment/action to take, so after careful consideration he came to the conclusion I was to be called back for further MRI scan,blood test and other tests and depending on the results he would take necessary action.

Its now nearing March and I feel great I am able to eat any food, drinks and I am no longer suffering from abdominal pains.
Considering back in October 2010 I was told I was suffering from aggresive form of chrohn’s then with no actual medical treatment in Februaury 2011 i’m being told there is no signs of active crohn’s I can only put it down to Mo Zaic Manchester’s alternative treatment.

I would have no hestation in recommending Mo Zaic Manchester to my family, friends and anyone else suffering from any problems.

I intend to update after further scans with the results and medical evidence will hopefully be forwarded to Mo Zaic for all to view.”

Nadra Janjua UK

” I was relaxed and as I was drifting off to sleep….. Then I saw lights and patterns, and I went to sleep again while the light show was going on.  Now what is that? Again there was no fear, only a curiosity.
Today I wake up, I am not hurting in any place, my joints are not hurting, after 3 hours of crushing chokecherries, I expected some pain. Not today, and I feel solid, serene, no fear, thoughts came of how will I pay this bill and that bill, but no fear, instead I said to myself in my Cree language, they are paid and left it at that. There is such hope in my heart that I am doing those things I mentioned. I feel it.
Love and abundance to you Mo you are loved and I am grateful to you

Lydia USA


Hi, Mo!

The “zimmermann effect” ( hypnotic clearing process) is working.
I really could not stop the  mental chatter before, after going through with it in 2 minutes I am greatfull , it is working, and  it is very simple!
It is not new to me, that everything, you teach me, is working! you are a special person!

Biserka Zimmerman,   www.swisscandyshop.com,  Grenchen, switzerland.

“Mo is a gentle, creative soul who loves to share beauty and depth with the people he encounters. I have personally seen his work and I must say that he paints passionately and each painting has a story to tell.
I have experienced his healing and with love and patience applied to each session, I was impressed at the results. Mo is a soul who cares and gives all he can and is always willing to help without one thought of asking or taking. Perhaps, that is why the result of his healing work works so well on the other person.
I have met him and his gentle and quiet ways makes one comfortable with seconds upon meeting him. His interest and willingness to help whenever and whenever is always such a joy to see and feel. A truly remarkable soul!”

(Yasminder Verdi, London UK)

” Here is my update from last night 30 minute remote healing session. If you get a chance, I’m curious what you think.I slept like a baby, woke up early as usual. I did feel a little sluggish this morning but the pressure in my head and ears from last night is now gone. I hit a bit of depression this afternoon, I actually stayed home from work and slept and laid around all day. I realized I needed to be drinking water and felt better after.
This evening at Tai Chi, I had an awesome visual during my meditation. Maybe 7-10 minutes into the meditation, a prism of colors, intertwined together, shinned into me like a beam. I noticed a really bright white light in the room and for a moment thought the sun was shinning in the room (I was tempted to open my eyes and check). I noticed the light was too white for it to be the sun, then I realized it was me. The prism stayed for a while over me and I could feel the glow of white light radiating out of me, like ripples in water. At this point I wasn’t following the rest of the guided meditation because i was having a completely different experience. It was pretty cool! i didn’t need to finish with the rest of the group (I felt completely recharged in just a few minutes) but I laid on my mat and relaxed and waited for everyone else to come to.
I had been getting flashes of colours in meditation and Reiki before … but nothing like this. It was completely spontaneous and no where near the description of the guided meditation. It was like my spirit just bypassed the relaxation technique and went straight to the source. pretty cool stuff.”

 (Kristi: Cincinnati OH, USA)

“As an artist I have lived most of my adult life in the public eye. I didn’t always have time to feel and deal with my feelings caused by different events through out the years. As a result of that, I had accumulated many unresolved issues as blocked negative energy within my system. Some people might refer to this as emotional baggage.
When I first learned about energy healing from Mo I was skeptical to say the least. Slowly as I learned more about his abilities and more importantly his genuine intentions to put the aforementioned to good use, I decided to allow myself to have this experience.
I had not read any testimonials, nor had I realized how soul shaking such an experience can be. Another challenge was my expectation to the distant healing. I expected instant results in a very tangible sort of way.
My fixation therefore initially led me to look for big miraculous results in the days that followed after the energy healing, preventing me from seeing the wonderful small chains of events that took place due to the positive change within me.
I had struggled with anxiety and stress for a number of years, and suddenly I found myself making decisions and taking initiatives without allowing the task to become a struggle.
I noticed a shift of attitude, and people around me responded positively to this change.
A weight had been lifted from my shoulders.
Thank you Mo so very much. Thank for reaching out selflessly, and for helping me so incredibly to increase my quality of life. Sometimes we don’t even know what we need, and where the problem areas are. Then suddenly, God sends people like you. I wish you loads of success so that you can reach out to a large number of people out there who can and hopefully will benefit from your fantastic gift and abilities.”

Aneela Mirza  ( Award Winning/Multi-platinum selling Artist-Singer)