Hypnosis Session 

  • Free consultation 20 mins
  • Skype session video £70
  • Phone session £60
  • One to one session in person £150 (Includes Free Positive Suggestion Audio and follow up Questions/Answers phone call)



8 weeks to  enrichment programme £800 (phone/watsapp/social media)

*Includes Hypnosis/NLP/EFT/Energy Frequency Healing  tools, and techniques specific to your goal.

*Includes 1-2  hour weekly update call

*Free 4 selected audio positive suggestion MP3‘s

*Goal Setting Blueprint/Mind Map session


Direct Frequency Healing

* Per session VLS  remote energy healing £150

VLS is a powerful breakthrough healing system, which is an original process unlike any other healing available anywhere in the world.

Read testimonials in the testimonial page on this site.

*One to one healing is limited,  and only available 2-6 times per annum.