Greeting my friends

Firstly, thankyou for visiting Mo Zaic Manchester Beats, and taking some of your time today, to learn about the breakthrough technologies created by Mo Zaic Manchester. You will discover many different products which combine the latest  hypnotic mind bending language, neuro linguistic programming, reverse speech, ho’oponopono, Afformations  and switchwords.

The feature products are in audio MP3

Each product has a specific  design order, and application. Different variations are created of a singular product to enhance its usage, for example the product “Motivation Bundle” will include upto 6 different recordings to listen, with or without music, or with silent subliminal versions .

Since many people respond to different styles of positive suggestion audios, we have included  upto 6 of the world’s most finest, audio mind conditioning techniques.

Each product is tested and put to trial upto a year in most cases, before it is released. Real life testimonials is very important, because vital feedback enables product improvement, and further creative enquiry into new product advancements.

You will discover the power of motivation and how you can easily tap into the reservoir of high potential creativity. You will absorb the correct mind set to transform  health,luck, and relationship possibilities. You will soon discover the true habits of monitoring your monetary index, changing this to serve you. Because the audio products are working on the subconscious level, you may find yourself in places of high interest connected to your goal, or networking with others in your business who support your vision.

The positive outcomes are countless.

Today more and more people are responding really well with alternative forms of healing processes, for example energy healing (hands on and remote healing) frequencies are included in certain recordings, in which you will find yourself in a powerful meditative healing experience; which will further excel  your particular goals, because once a balance state of mind is achieved, you will easily tap into new found talents, insights and more.

For the creative individuals as artists, musician and vocalists; most of the products from super health and super motivation have already powerful inbedded subliminal suggestions. These particular products are important, because in order to become the fantastic singer, or composer the dynamic of powerful health is integral; to work through correct energy movement daily,  will create the better peak state of performance.

Notice even  the entrepreneur and office employ will most certainly achieve their required flow state, because vital technologies are combined to  have 300 times more advantage point in clearing resistances, and reprogramming your mind towards your new found successes.

No stone  is  left unturned , which means when you decide to make that decision now, to make a profound change in your life,  you will soon become your own greatest life success story. Imagine  5 years from now, all is well,  and  you feel incredible, because each day Now is pulsating with gratitude, harmony and more. Its that feeling you get, deep inside that you will Now, always continue through life achieving the fulfilment of all of your  goals , dreams and desires.

As you make a true  connection with the products on this site, you will realise great effort has been taken to ensure all products are created in high quality studio environment. Each product is mixed and mastered to industry standard.

You will also find hypnotic psychedelic art work which combines realism. This is my own  style  called “Psycehedelic Realism” . Many have reported that the art work viewed, stirred a certain positive feeling in them, triggering a smile, or an intuition – These paintings and drawings are also charged with subtle healing frequencies.